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Dragon Snacks is a group of easy going, friendly, nice folks with a sincere interest in mastery of their class, what ever game we are playing. The average age of Dragon Snacks is greater than that of the average gamer. Most Snacks are working people with jobs, families and lives that MMO's are just a part of, not the other way around. 

We strive to promote a friendly, anti-dramatic, fun and helpful guild atmosphere by limiting the use of foul language or sentiments to ones expressed at the game and the game only. People arguing in a public channel is not tolerated. Childish, cruel and/or elitist game play is not tolerated. As mentioned above, we are working folks who play this game for fun, so we make sure to maintain an atmosphere to promote exactly that.

Dragon Snacks won't likely be the first kinship into new encounters or move through content faster than, or even keep up with those who enjoy that most. We raid as a guild to see as much of the expansions we all paid for like everyone else, but we won't see it before anyone else does.

Lt Dol Guldur
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