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re: Raid Policies

1)DKP (modified 3/2/10)
dkp is spent on specific items under specific circumstances:
* An event scheduled by an officer with the intent to use dkp stated.
* The item is (or can be exchanged for) a class armor set piece or any item from the Vile Maw, Dar Narbugud, or Barad Guldur.
* Event must be posted at least 1 week in advance.

2)Minimum bids (modified 10/2/09)
*Minimum bid for any item is 25 dkp.

3) Raids must be done on Ventrillo, at least to listen for instructions

4)Attendance (modified 5/07/10)

* A raid is considered to be on 'farm' status when we have four consecutive runs with no more than 2 deaths per boss and we were able to clear the entire raid in one play session.

*For raids on farm status, you may sign up at any time with any character that meets Turbine's imposed requirements (radiance,level, quest pre-reqs, etc).

* For raids not yet on farm, players should designate which two of their characters they feel are most experienced and developed (traits, gear, virtues) to be considered for slots on the raid.

The host will assign spots from eligible characters based on:
* first on what classes are required
* second who did not get to attend the previous raid
* third sign-up order

If there are enough signups for 2 raids in a given event, groups will be balanced across both raids. Class restrictions will be a part of determining whether there are enough for 2 raids. When there are concurrent groups running dkp is distributed across the groups as a whole.

If the raid is not full at that point, the host can recruit and fill it any way he/she sees fit.

5) On time policy (modified 6/1/08)
If you are not present in Ventrilo 10 minutes before start time, the raid leader may assign your spot to someone else. That is, if gathering time is 6:15 with a start of 6:30 - at 6:20 the raid leader is free to take stand bys.

6) Events can be posted by anyone in the events section of the forums, while raids require a officer to post them.

7) Sign ups (modified 2/22/09)
We are a casual kinship so attendance for any event is completely optional for everyone. But if you sign up for a event please make sure you show up.

Signup Information
Soiran and Co. - indicates a signup but I'm willing to take any raid ready character at the raid hosts discretion.
Soiran - indicates a signup and a preference to take this character.

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